Get Shirty: Thomsen Shirts

Get Shirty: Thomsen Shirts

Alix Thomsen, founder of the latest cult chemisier Thomsen Shirts, cut her fashion teeth working with Christophe Lemaire, the young French designer who so successfully revamped the Lacoste brand, before joining forces with Parisian nightclub impresario Lionel Bensemoun and Franck Cohen, who was responsible for launching American Apparel in France. Frustrated by not being able to find shirts that matched their style, the trio began designing their own, creating a collection of precision-cut chemises at affordable prices that can be sported as officewear by day or spruced up for clubbing at night. Both the women’s and men’s collections, which revolve around an assortment of checks, casual denims and Liberty prints, have already been snapped up by the city’s best-known concept store Colette.

98 rue de Turenne, 3rd,

Originally published in the February 2010 issue of France Today


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