This Exhibition Traces Back the Life of the Mythical Genghis Khan

This Exhibition Traces Back the Life of the Mythical Genghis Khan

How did the Mongols change the world? For the first time in France a controversial exhibition devoted to one of history’s greatest conquerors aims to highlight the far-reaching impact of this immense empire.

The stunning Château des Ducs de Bretagne in Nantes is home to a major exhibition retracing the exploits of Genghis Khan and his army, from the plains of Mongolia to the far south, and from the Pacific Ocean to the far reaches of the Middle East. At the height of their power, the Mongols controlled more than 22% of the world, and Genghis Khan’s grandson, Great Khan of the Mongols, also became Emperor of China. After years of violent conquests, the Pax Mongolica led to a flourishing of commercial, scientific and artistic relations between East and West, allowing a period of intercultural exchange.

With an exceptional display of objects dating from the Ist to the 14th century from Mongolia’s national collections, complemented by objects from major French and European museums and important private collections, the exhibition offers an insight into the history of Genghis Khan’s great empire, including objects never before shown in the West.

Chingghis Khan, How Mongols Changed the World – until May 5th 2024

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Lead photo credit : Portrait de Gengis Khan © Taipei, Musée national du Palais

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