Langue Onze: Fantastic French Courses in Toulouse

Langue Onze: Fantastic French Courses in Toulouse

Located in Southwest France, Langue Onze Toulouse is a French Language School where you will no doubt achieve significant progress practising up-to-date French and exploring French contemporary culture.

Specialised in high quality French courses since 1991, the school is accredited by the French government with the label “French Foreign Language quality” and recognised by the most prestigious international organizations, including Campus France.

Situated in Toulouse’s historic centre, in a lively neighbourhood, a stone’s throw from the main sightseeing areas of Toulouse, the school welcomes a vibrant mix of students from all over the world and offers you a wide range of courses all year long:

  • targeting personal and leisure purposes or academic and professional needs
  • adhering to European standards with a focus on individual rhythms at all learning levels

Let yourself be tempted by some of their most popular courses:

  • Enjoy a perfect immersion in the French language and culture: ‘French intensive Plus’ linking French & Culture, French & cooking or French and Oenology
  • Prepare efficiently for business or academic purposes with the Combined professional French sessions and French official exam preparations (DELF/DALF/TCF exams)
  • Choose the all-inclusive summer program for your kids (between 14 and 17 years old) so that they can enjoy an unforgettable experience by meeting people and learning at the same time

With highly experienced and qualified teachers focusing on individual rhythms and an attentive administrative staff, the professional team is committed to providing you with the best personalized services: accommodation, welcome assistance, students support, cultural program and Tandem language exchange system.

So don’t wait any longer, Think French and Learn French with Langue Onze Toulouse in the southwest of France!

For more information, visit the website: Tel. +33 (0)5 61 62 54 58


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