Driving in France – Coronavirus Advice and What to Expect

Driving in France – Coronavirus Advice and What to Expect

The chances are that you will be using France’s network of autoroutes if you are travelling to your destination by car. Here, we provide some advice and guidance to make sure your trip is enjoyable and you stay safe.

Motorway service stations (Aires de serviceAutoroute)

The service areas on the French autoroutes are now geared up to offer a safe experience for travellers.

  • Refuelling: disposal gloves are available from dispensers near pumps
  • Payment in the shop. Contactless payment is available in most kiosks. For additional protection staff will wear masks and screens are often installed at tills
  • Alcohol based gels are provided on entrance and exit
  • You may eat at the service stations cafes subject to the standard rules for restaurant eating
  • Wearing a mask when entering the service station and using the facilities is a sensible precaution and may be required. Look out for the signs
  • All sanitary facilities are undergoing extra disinfection and cleaning procedures
Wearing masks may be required

Wearing masks at service stations may be required

Autoroute charges

  • Contactless payment is available at all autoroute tolls so you don’t have to use coins or cash
  • Rather than having to stop and pay consider using the SANEF Liber-T toll tag, a device that clips onto your windscreen and allows you to bypass any queues and drive through the toll points without stopping or paying. Payments are deducted automatically online.

Be prepared. Don’t forget to take masks and alcohol gel with you on your travels!

Our sister site FrenchEntrée.com has an entire section devoted to driving in France, including tips on road signs, speed limits, driving licences and car hire advice.

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  • Robert Lowe
    2020-08-25 21:15:14
    Robert Lowe
    Is cash still accepted on Peages? I'm thinking of the automated ones rather than the ones which are staffed? I am intending to drive from Calais to Marseille in an GB vehicle. Could I buy a tag and how do I set up payments? Merci en avance