Côte d’Azur Travels: Top 5 Things to Do in Toulon

Côte d’Azur Travels: Top 5 Things to Do in Toulon

1. Climb Mont Faron

Towering over the city of Toulon, Mont Faron is a limestone mountain from which you can enjoy breath-taking views over the harbour and the Mediterranean Sea. This haven of peace offers a diversity of activities in the heart of nature, particularly hiking and biking. To go up the mountain, just take the cable car and enjoy the spectacular views! Mont Faron is also rich with history: nine forts can be visited, such as the Beaumont Tower which was converted into the Memorial Museum of the landing of 1944. Mont Faron is a truly integral part of Toulon’s landscape and identity.

2. A day trip to Porquerolles Island

Off the Mediterranean coast by Hyères is an archipelago of three heavenly islands, curving around the bay in a crescent. From Toulon it is exceptionally easy to travel to the largest, Porquerolles. It only takes one hour by boat to reach the island, where you can enjoy a hike in its unique and well-preserved geological environment. If you spend a day on the island, the Sainte-Agathe Fort and its exhibitions are a must-see. You can easily organise a trek around the island with the Toulon tourist office, with the next scheduled trips in June, July and August this summer.

3.  An afternoon at Le Mourillon’s beaches

Le Mourillon is a real enclave in Toulon – a provincially charming village with beautiful beaches. Since 2009, all these beaches have been given the Pavillon Bleu label in recognition of the high quality of life found here. Fringed with gardens and restaurants, Le Mourillon’s beaches are perfect for a quiet and happy retreat. Guests can choose between five coves, each with charming names: Lido, Mistral, Source, Pins and Tabarly. The activities on offer don’t disappoint, either. Mini-golf, a football ground, beach volley ground or nautical base… the choice is yours!

4. Chanteclair

You can’t leave Toulon without tasting its typical culinary speciality – a delicious cake called the Chanteclair. Made from meringue and iced Chantilly cream, it can also be flavoured with praline or mocha. It differs from other cakes in its original final touch: the Chanteclair is decorated with a quintessentially Gallic image of a rooster. Legend has it that the cake was created in 1930 by Monsieur Calvi, a Toulonais pastry chef. Its lightness and delicacy make it a true marvel.

5. A night at the opera

In the very heart of Toulon is its opera house which was inaugurated in 1862, thirteen years before the Garnier Opera of Paris – an important detail of which many a Toulonais will proudly remind you during your stay! Also called the Grand Theatre, the Opéra de Toulon is not only an impressive and majestic building but also a real temple of art that is accessible to everyone. With both its remarkable acoustics and monumental facade, the wonderful art of opera manifests itself both inside and out. A feast for the eyes as well as the ears.

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