Why go camping in France?

Why go camping in France?

With the French weather now seasonably clement, you might consider trading your hotel for a campsite. Far from being limited to rural locations, many campsites allow for easy access to some of the country’s biggest cities, providing a happy medium for those who enjoy both town and country pursuits. There’s plenty of choice when it comes to accommodation as well, from traditional tents to luxurious static chalets. Read on to find out why, for some people, a camping trip can mark the start of a lifelong love affair.

Plenty to do

Whilst campsites are not restricted to the countryside, they are generally to be found in quieter, greener areas that make ideal playgrounds for enthusiasts of outdoor activities including: surfing, walking, cycling, horse riding, climbing and canoeing – all great options for a fun way to exercise and clear your head, whether you already enjoy a lot of exercise or are keen to start doing a bit more. If you’ve not tried any of these sports before, there are plenty of guides and hire shops to be found around established campsites.

Re-connect with family

If you usually spend your holidays in very busy places with lots of other people around, camping can provide a great opportunity to re-establish the bond with those closest to you – especially when there are group activities involved. When you’re walking through the forest with nothing but the sound of rustling leaves around you, take the time to catch up with everything you’ve missed out on when you were busy with other things.

Campsite this way!Cheap eats

Taking a picnic is a cost effective way to eat out and lets you make the most of your time. Choose some local delicacies from a town or village nearby for a real taste of the terroir. As with any self-catered holiday, camping is good for those who enjoy preparing and cooking their own food. If you were staying in a hotel, you probably wouldn’t have the chance to sample a handmade baguette fresh from the oven, fill a box with pastries from the tempting window display in the local patisserie or buy up delicious market produce.


If you are concerned by your carbon footprint, a camping trip as opposed to another type of holiday could go some way to help manage it. For example, travelling by foot, on horseback or cycling will mean fewer journeys by car, buses or trains. Any food you consume on your picnic is also likely to have been sourced from animals on farms situated within the local area and has therefore avoided accruing the food miles associated with imported products.

Animals welcome

Another advantage that campsites have over hotels is that they are more accommodating of pets. Bring the dog on holiday along with the rest of the family, after all, they will enjoy a good walk as much as anyone else and could even help to motivate you! It’ll also save you putting them in kennels or making any alternative arrangements for while you’re away. Just make sure to allow enough time for the necessary injections, blood test and paperwork.

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