Sleep in a Chateau: Unusual Accommodations in France

Sleep in a Chateau: Unusual Accommodations in France

When it comes to finding a place to stay, France is a visitor’s paradise. Keen to sleep in a château? Here are some eclectic accommodations picks…


Hidden away on the gleaming Riviera, 1,400 feet above sea level, Château Eza has played host to a gaggle of A-listers – past check-ins include Stevie Wonder, Claudia Schiffer and a couple of James Bonds (Sean Connery and Roger Moore) to name but a few. So what possessed the limo set to ditch their driver and footslog it up Èze’s lattice of tapering alleyways to this precipitous haven? The far-reaching ocean views for a start. The irresistible, no-holds-barred luxury. Not to mention the world-class, gourmet fare – enough to put a spring in the most hill- averse celeb’s step. We can’t think of a more glamorous retreat.

Château de Sacy


All fretted eaves and red-brick trim, Château de Sacy is sure to make you weak at the knees. If this weren’t reason enough to hotfoot it to Reims stat, it boasts the best-stocked cellar around.

Château de Courtomer


A period confection with all the lordly trimmings (and then some) Normandy’s Château de Courtomer could be yours – and 14 of your nearest and dearest’s – for less than €4,000. Better start saving.

Château de Fougeret


Hailed as France’s most haunted pile, Château de Fougeret has rattled even the pluckiest ghost-hunters. Brace yourself for eerie pitter-patter, door-scratching and (if you haven’t run for the hills by then) spine-tingling wails!

Château de Tourreau


Hemmed in by formal gardens with streams (plural!), Château de Tourreau is fit for (Hollywood) royalty. Case in point: Games of Thrones‘ Sophie Turner wed her beau at the Provençal estate last summer.

From France Today magazine

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  • Keith MUNDY
    2020-01-29 21:55:24
    Keith MUNDY
    None of these are castles! You really should take care with the translation of "chateau" into English. There are several alternatives: castle, chateau, palace, mansion and manor house being the most obvious. The English loan word "chateau" best fits all of these places.