Treasures of the Vendée, a fun mobile history app to explore the Vendée



Treasures of the Vendée, a fun mobile history app to explore the Vendée

The new free mobile app game “Treasures of the Vendée” is available this spring. It is a fun way to find some of the best places in the Vendée. Prepare your missions from home and help Jeanne the pirate to save the secrets of the Vendée! 

This spring, discover a new way to visit the cultural and heritage sites of the Vendée! With the English version of the Trésors de Vendée app, learn more about the secrets of the Vendée. All aboard this new adventure!

Treasures of the Vendée: a free mobile game app to discover the Vendée while having fun 

Team up with Jeanne the pirate, a heroine inspired by Jeanne de Belleville, the first female pirate in history, as she takes you on a time-travelling adventure. Join her on a quest to find the “Hearts with Secrets” that mercenaries are trying to steal. Find the Hearts before they do and save the Vendée! From castles, museums, parks, zoos…discover the Vendée as you have never seen it before.   

How does this mobile game app works?  

The Treasures of the Vendée is played in two stages:   

  • The first part “From your home – Prepare the mission” allows you to travel from one site to another (from the comfort of your home) to explore and discover some of their secrets while collecting the “Hearts with Secrets”. This initial part lasts 1h /1h 30 minutes with mini games involving observation and coordination skills, speed, and logic.   
  • The second part of the game, called “On the spot” – Discover the ship’s boy”, invites you to visit the tourist sites for an augmented reality game to collect new hearts.  

What’s new on the Treasures of the Vendée mobile app game in 2023? 

Play with even more touristic sites:   

  • 2 new sites have been added to the “From your home – Prepare the mission” section, bringing a total of 27 sites to discover from home.  
  • 36 new sites have been added to the “On the spot – Discover the ship’s boy” section. That’s no fewer than 63 sites to explore on the spot in the Vendée! 
  • A total of 90 games can be played in the mobile game app.  

So, are you ready to go on an adventure with Jeanne, the first female pirate? 

Join Jeanne the pirate in her adventure against the mercenaries now, available on smartphones and tablets, free on Apple Store and Play store.   

Lead photo credit : A new fun way to explore the Vendée: Treasures of the Vendée © Vendée Tourisme

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