Loire Valley Vineyards: Merrymaking Days at the Château du Petit Thouars

Loire Valley Vineyards: Merrymaking Days at the Château du Petit Thouars
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry. It’s not the family motto of the Count and Countess du Petit Thouars, but it is the motto of their forthcoming full-day events, called “Merrymaking Days”, being held over the summer months at their family château, the Château du Petit Thouars, in the Loire Valley.
Built in 1420 by the Dukes of Thouars, the château was bought by Georges Aubert du Saint Georges, who became the Seigneur or “Lord” of the Petit Thouars, upon purchasing the property in 1636. The current Count and Countess, Sébastien and D’Arcy, moved from Paris in 2014, leaving jobs in the music and fashion industries, to focus on developing the vineyard and the Chinon wines produced on the estate.
“Developing the tourism and visits around the vineyard was a real motivating factor for us, in coming here to live,” says the Countess, “as we considered the Petit Thouars a sleeping beauty – a place that really deserved to be discovered. We are very excited to be able to share the generations of history that surround us, in an exceptional setting, where we also get to share good food and our award-winning wines”.

Tasting wines at Château du Petit Thouars

“The idea of mixing the history, the amazing Loire Valley food, with our Chinon wines also lead us to develop the idea of our Merrymaking Days.” Indeed, foodies and Francophiles alike will not be disappointed, as the full-day events take place once a month, from June to September. The events include a commented tour on a traditional wood-bottomed boat on the Loire river, a cocktail inside the château (which is usually closed to the public), a sit-down lunch with many local specialities, a full tour of the vineyard and historic cellar (where the wines are aged in French oak barrels) and a full wine tasting, including old vintages.
“There will also be a few surprises along the way,” according to the Countess, who can’t contain her excitement when talking about this truly unique experience. We can understand, who wouldn’t want to share in la vie du château for one day?
Merrymaking Days at the Château du Petit Thouars take place on June 23rd, July 21st, August 25th, and September 22nd, at the Château du Petit Thouars, 37500, Saint Germain sur Vienne (10 minutes from Chinon). Tickets are 250 per person.  
For more information and to purchase online, visit: www.chateaudptwines.com/special-events.html

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