Best Bathrooms in the Capital


September 2006

Winner Loos

Remember when Paris restaurants and bistrots might serve three-star meals yet have appallingly dirty, antiquated bathrooms? Now the capital’s restaurateurs are catching on: The W.C. is an integral part of the experience. “I wanted the bathrooms of my bistrots to inspire customers,” says Xavier Denamur, owner of several restaurants with fabulous loos. “It’s the only place where they are alone.” Here’s a list of bathrooms so spectacular they justify a visit to the establishments just for a peek.

1 Fishy ?Le Trésor has an unusual place for a fish tank: its bathroom. Push the door of one of the stalls downstairs, and in the flush tank and pipe you’ll see real swimming goldfish. Le Trésor had to fight an outcry from animal rights activists-but the real tank is hidden, so nothing disturbs the little fishies. The floor is covered with glass, adding to the sensation of being in a river.

5 rue du Trésor, 4e, ?, ?Métro: St-Paul

2 Royal ?Probably the most luxurious bathrooms in the Western hemisphere, this one is so extravagant it could have been in one of Saddam’s palaces-if he had taste. The Cristal Room loo, designed by Philippe Starck, blends steel and crystal all bathed in red tones; a gorgeous crystal chandelier hangs from the ceiling. The bathroom is accessible to anyone, even if you’re not having lunch at the restaurant.

11 place des États-Unis,16e, ?, ?Métro: Boissière

3 Starry ?Vincent Van Gogh would have loved this one. The loo at L’Étoile Manquante (“the missing star”) is entirely made of steel-walls, toilets, ceiling. The lighting is low except for a spotlight right on the seat. Stars dot the ceiling and the beautiful round mirror. Sitting on the toilet, you face a large picture of a building at night: You feel the inhabitants are looking at you, even making light signals to you.

34 rue Vieille-du-Temple, 4e, ?, ?Métro: St-Paul




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