Valentine’s Day: Make it a Date Night at Home

Valentine’s Day: Make it a Date Night at Home

This day can be stressful for some, from trying to reserve that romantic ‘wine and dine’ meal to the overcrowded move nights at the theatre, so why not make this day even more personal and plan a romantic date night in the comfort of your own home?

1. Make bath times more relaxing with this luxury caddy tray

Suitable for all bath types, benefit more from your bubble baths with this Royal Craft Wood: luxury bamboo caddy tray. Now you can have everything within reach and have an undeniably enhanced bath-time experience!

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Please note that the products shown on the tray are sold separately from various other suppliers.

2. Roses galore

Following the shower caddy idea, why not throw in some scented floral-shaped soaps? Not only does it come in gorgeous packing but you only need to add a few petals in the water for an instant ‘splash’ of romance.

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3. Find the perfect gift…

You can’t go wrong with skincare products and the French do it best. From face masks to moisturisers and serums, there’s so much to choose from. Caudalie select only the most effective ingredients that respect not only your skin, but the environment too.

Whether it’s glowing skin for a more radiant life here or to invest in the ultimate anti-ageing formulas here, Caudalie have got you covered.

4. Wine and romance make a timeless pairing

Once you’ve found the perfect bottle of wine to treat you and your partner to, make sure that you have the glasses to sip from. The Reidal SST (see, smell and taste) glasses have been specifically designed to optimise and elevate your wine tasting experience.

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5. Get Creative in the Kitchen

You don’t have to be a certified baker to use this adorable silicone mold to bake your way to your partner’s heart. Suitable for freezing, microwave, oven and it’s even dishwasher safe!

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6. Candles and scents with Diptyque

Let the sparks fly (hopefully not literally though) during Cupid’s holiday with the personal touch of these cute candles to make your evening even cosier. This Diptyque candle trio will set the mood for eating by a gentle flame, or simply just to add an extra touch of romance. It includes three mini-sized candles: Baies (Diptyque’s best selling candle), Figuier and their Roses scent.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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