3 Outings for the Whole Family: Weird and Wonderful Exhibitions in Paris

3 Outings for the Whole Family: Weird and Wonderful Exhibitions in Paris

Impress the kids with these weird and wonderful exhibitions!


A gripping opportunity to experience works of art produced with the help of increasingly sophisticated robots. Featuring pieces by around 40 artists, the exhibition offers a gateway into an interactive, digital world that subverts our notions of space and time, including an exploration of art’s first steps into Artificial Intelligence, which has the potential to revolutionise our lives and the way artworks are produced, presented and consumed. For the next generation of art aficionados, this exhibit offers an accessible and entertaining approach to the much larger question of the relationship between mankind and technology. At the Grand Palais in Paris.

Until July 9

Expo neandertal. ©Musée de l’Homme/ Nicolas Krief


This fun and educational exhibition at the newly renovated Musée de l’Homme in Paris is inviting budding scientists to step back in time and reacquaint themselves with the (misunderstood) Neanderthals. Long dismissed as ‘primitive’, our cousins were far more complex and advanced than first thought. “Neanderthal was neither superior nor inferior to modern man,” explains Marylène Patou-Mathis, scientific curator of the exhibition, “he was just different. A hierarchy doesn’t apply. Nothing is fixed or linear, human evolution traces a tree-like path, both biologically and culturally.”

Until January 7, 2019

Picasso, Villa Californie, panneau 3. © Damien Elwes/ Ateliers a la Loupe Musee en Herbe


Invade the privacy of the greatest artists of the 19th century and today at the Musée en Herbe in Paris. Armed with a magnifying glass and virtual reality helmets, young visitors scrutinize the artist’s studios through 40 paintings by Damian Elwes, accompanied by original works by Picasso, Giacometti, Basquiat or Keith Haring. From a 3D version of Frida Kahlo’s studio to a spinning bicycle wheel version of Duchamp’s New York lair, Damian Elwes’s fun exhibit is sure to keep little ones and their accompanying grown-ups entertained.

Until September 9

From France Today magazine

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