Book Reviews: Impressionism, the Movement that Transformed Western Art

Book Reviews: Impressionism, the Movement that Transformed Western Art

Bold, brash and indomitable, the Impressionists broke from the shackles of the Academy without a backward glance. But who were the free spirits behind the movement that blithely jettisoned accepted notions of form, sending shockwaves through the art world – and heralding a new era of unbridled experimentation in the process?

This comprehensive yet refreshingly accessible guide charts the unstoppable rise of the movement – from the Barbizon School’s pre-Impressionist forays to its irrepressible pioneers’ struggle for recognition in the face of open contempt, rejection and the ever-present shadow of poverty.

Through their emblematic masterpieces, first-hand accounts and anecdotes, the volume delves into the single-minded artists’ individual aesthetic and creative journey, exploring their lasting legacy on the art world today. Far from a dull compendium of facts and figures, it weaves a captivating and tightly-crafted tale of emancipation.

Impressionism, the Movement that Transformed Western Art, by Véronique Bouruet Aubertot, list price £24.95, published by Flammarion

From France Today magazine

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