Francophiles, get your French TV fix!

Francophiles, get your French TV fix!

For the Francophiles who can’t get enough of French films and shows, Sling TV has just launched a new channel: TV5MondeUSA!

With hundreds of hours of French programming at your fingertips, TV5USA offers the ability to stream the largest French language TV offering available in the US.

The channel includes five networks TV5MONDEUSA, TV5MONDE Style, TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand, TiVi5Monde and TV5Monde Info, so you’ll never miss out on your favourite French shows, films, news and more.

With TV5MONDE and TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand, you’ll have access to over 500 English subtitled film screenings every year, including recent releases, unforgettable classics, film festival specials and tributes to distinguished talents, with this month’s feature being Le Voyage de Fanny starring Cécile de France.

TV5MONDE will keep you updated with the goings-on in L’Hexagone, bringing you the latest international news and current affairs with programs like Objectif Monde, Envoyé Spécial and Cash Investigation.

Sports fans will score a fantastic sports lineup including weekly Ligue1 and Top14 games, the Tour de France and European rugby champions cup, with weekly recap shows Jour de Rugby and Foot for those who missed the game.

Lovers of French haute couture and fine cuisine will have access to the latest trends and lifestyle programs to be in-the-know of all things fashion, luxury, design and gastronomy with Rendez-vous d’Amerique, Tendance xxi and Des raciness et des ailes.

Perfect for introducing the French language into your little one’s life, TiVi5MONDE will entertain your kids with engaging and educational shows and characters from shows like Super 4, Les légendaires and Oui-Oui.

TV5MONDE is available now with your active Sling TV subscription for just $15/month. Want to sample the programming before you dive in? Try it free for 7 days!

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