FRANCE Calendar 2023

FRANCE Calendar 2023

Enjoy France every day with the FRANCE Calendar 2023 available to order now!

The FRANCE 2023 Calendar is a fantastic year-long reminder of the France you love from hilltop villages and historic châteaux to bustling cafés and majestic mountains. This popular year-planner shows the best of France through 14 stunning glossy photographs, brought to you by the FRANCE Calendar team.

The FRANCE 2023 Calendar is the perfect gift for family and friends, or even yourself!

  • Ample space for notes and reminders
  • Days in French and English
  • French school and public holidays
  • French fêtes and saints’ days
  • Forward planner for 2024
  • The more you order, the more you SAVE with our multibuy discount!

Order today!

Enjoy your FRANCE Calendar 2023 with a cup of coffee

Lead photo credit : France Calendar 2022

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  • Rosemary Maycock
    2022-12-01 08:33:12
    Rosemary Maycock
    I have been delighted for the past few years to receive the gift of the France calendar from a friend. I have just been looking through the 2023 calendar and noticed a mistake. The March photograph of the Château of Chenonceau is stated, in the little information box, to span the River Loire. It is situated in the Valley of the Loire but the long gallery in fact spans the River Cher. I don't know if this is an inadvertent mistake or if it is a deliberate mistake to test your readers. Best wishes Rosemary


    • Sophie Gardner-Roberts
      2023-03-22 16:51:29
      Sophie Gardner-Roberts
      Hello Rosemary, you are absolutely right, it is indeed the River Cher. I wish we had made this mistake intentionally to test our readers but, alas no, we failed to spot it despite the many proofs ... Thank you for pointing it out. - Sophie, Digital Editor of France Today