Figurative Art at the Maison Caillebotte in Yerres 



Figurative Art at the Maison Caillebotte in Yerres 

A new exhibition highlighting the modern figurative art movement in France is now open at Maison Caillebotte in Yerres, in the Essonne. Figurations, un autre art d’aujourd’hui, runs until October 22nd 2023 and brings together 47 artists from the 1950s to today. 

The exhibition seeks to build a timeline of modern and contemporary figurative art and sheds light on emerging artists. Indeed, the movement has known a rebirth in recent years though it has hitherto been largely overlooked by museums, with artwork residing mostly within galleries and private collections.  

Today, this exceptional exhibition, curated by art critic Guy Boyer, puts artists such as Dado, Jean Rustin, Gilles Aillaud, Dominique Renson or Sam Szafran, Susanne Hay et Pierre Skira on show through a two-part exhibition. The earlier era of modern figurativism, with over a hundred works from the 1950s to 2000, is presented at the Ferme Ornée while today’s young and emerging artists can be discovered in a display within the Orangerie. 

Maison Caillebotte, as a heritage site and major impressionist art centre, offers an ideal backdrop for the event which is the perfect excuse to visit the property and its gardens too. 


The Caillebott property, in Yerres © Kei Clover via Wikimedia Commons cc by s.a 4.0

Lead photo credit : François Bard, Casquette jaune, 2022 © Collection Société Générale

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