Read the Signs: Avenue Montaigne

Read the Signs: Avenue Montaigne

Avenue Montaigne is not very long, just six blocks or so along one of the sides of the chic Golden Triangle formed by Avenue George V and Avenue des Champs- Élysées. Searching for it in the 1600s you would have found a humble path leading to vegetable patches and sheds. Before being renamed in 1850 after aristocratic philosopher Michel de Montaigne, one of the leading thinkers of the Renaissance, the street was nicknamed ‘widow alley’ as certain ladies would amble alone looking for a bit of, ahem…company.

While during the 19th century the area was mostly residences of the high- bourgeoisie, after the Second World War the French fashion industry experienced its own Renaissance, and the most prestigious names in the fashion world flocked here, lining Avenue Montaigne with their showrooms to this day. At the southernmost tip next to the Seine, you’ll find the Flamme de la Liberté, a sculpture depicting a golden torch originally celebrating Franco-American friendship. but which became a spontaneous shrine to Diana, Princess of Wales. Here you will always find fresh flowers and tributes left in her memory.

From France Today Magazine

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