Secret Maison

Secret Maison

Secret Maison continues a long French tradition of fine handcrafted linens, updated to suit 21st-century tastes. Descendants of the sturdy sheets and tea towels that grand-mère ironed into crisp submission, Secret Maison’s lin brut, or raw linen, is a natural, vegetable-dyed linen fabric in earthy neutral colors: foam, ink, ebony, amethyst, lichen, pearl, sable and black. It doesn’t require ironing, and capitalizes on the fabric’s natural beauty. Perfectly suited to your Provençal farmhouse or sleek Tribeca loft, there’s everything here for the well-appointed bed, including sheets, duvet covers, pillows and eiderdown comforters, along with a good selection of luxurious mohair and cashmere throws.

And it doesn’t stop in the bedroom; everything in this apartment-like boutique is for sale, from a moonlike handmade paper suspension lamp to an ultra-contemporary line of minimalist furniture in metal, wood and leather. A limited selection of clothing includes soft kimono robes, oversize shirts and casual dresses, along with handmade jewelry and roomy tote bags in leather or hemp. Room scents and candles make wonderful gifts. And everything in the shop is handcrafted in France by fine artisans.

17 rue des Quatre Vents, 6th, website

Originally published in the September 2011 issue of France Today; updated in August 2012

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