3 Ways with Olives: Culinary Tips from Breton Baker Richard Bertinet

3 Ways with Olives: Culinary Tips from Breton Baker Richard Bertinet

Originally from Brittany in north-west France, Richard Bertinet trained as a baker from the age of 14. Today the UK-based chef is a best-selling author who makes regular TV appearances. Bertinet was named BBC Food Champion of the Year 2010 at the BBC Food & Farming Awards on 24 November 2010. The Bertinet Kitchen, the chef’s cookery school, opened in September 2005 in the centre of beautiful and historic Bath. Here, we sit down with Bertinet for some Provence culinary tips.

Breton baker Richard Bertinet

Breton baker Richard Bertinet


For a take on this Provence classic I add a little bit of tuna to the olive, capers and anchovies. I also love to smother a lamb joint with a mixture of tapenade and breadcrumbs, for a lovely crust.


My secret address tip would be the amazing Domaine Saint-Esprit near Draguignan. Richard Crocé-Spinelli sells the most amazing olive jam– something I’d never even heard of before!

Domaine Saint-Esprit near Draguignan.

Domaine Saint-Esprit near Draguignan.


This is a perfect street snack when you’re enjoying a break in Provence. My favorites use tiny picholine (local slang for ‘little girl’) olives with anchovies and a slow-cooked onion base.

From France Today magazine

La pissaladière, a niçoise culinary specialty

La pissaladière, a niçoise culinary specialty. Photo: Fotolia

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