La Cave des Climats: A Fabulous New Wine Cellar in Paris

La Cave des Climats: A Fabulous New Wine Cellar in Paris

A wine cave is rapidly becoming the mark of some of the great Paris restaurants, and the Michelin-starred Les Climats is the latest example. Carole Colin and Denis Jamet, owners of the Burgundy-themed Les Climats, decided to extend their wine domain with the opening of La Cave des Climats, just a stone’s throw from the restaurant, in the heart of St Germain.

Entering this chic enclave in the 7th arrondissement, a good vibe is immediately evident among the French and non-French patrons using wine as a mode of communication. Also welcoming is the convivial bar area, and warm and rustic atmosphere. For those old enough to have watched “Cheers” on television, this is a wine bar where everyone will know your name.

Denis Jamet in La Cave, photo: La Cave des Climats

Although the Burgundian pedigree of the cave is highlighted (they have the best selection of Burgundy wines in Paris), other regions of France are well represented as well. Only artisan producers are selected, and the only wines offered have been tasted and selected by a tasting committee. One can enjoy these exceptional wines with out spending a fortune. The selection by glass changes every few days, and there are two tastings per month.

A fine choice of charcuterie, as well as foie gras, smoked salmon, cheese plates, and even chocolate fondant are available to enhance the experience.

To really celebrate in a unique and special setting, the 14th century wine cave downstairs is available for private parties. La Cave des Climats is definitely a welcome addition to the neighbourhood!

35 Rue de Verneuil, 7th Arrondissement. Tel: 01 42 33 87 94. Web: Open Tuesday – Friday  3:00-11:00, Saturday  11:00 – 11:00

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