France Today Stories: Travel Storytelling Like Never Before

France Today Stories: Travel Storytelling Like Never Before

Ever wanted to dive right through the screen of your computer or tablet and be immediately transported to a Parisian café or a stunning natural gorge in the south of France? We’ve got the next best thing. Our Stories bring France straight to you with stunning images and videos transporting the atmosphere of a French vineyard or the sounds of a French bakery to the screen. 

Using new digital tools, our Stories offer a more immersive read than a ‘classical’ web story thanks to integrated multimedia elements like video clips and sound bites. Beyond the words of our talented writers, you’ll also be able to hear the people they’ve interviewed and see the places they’ve explored. You can listen to Xavier, the Parisian café owner greet his regular clients, watch as an Etang de Thau oyster farmer plunges the shells into the salty water or follow the cyclist climbing the mountain passes of the French Riviera. 

Because images are worth 1,000 words, we thought we’d show you what you can expect when signing up as a France Today Member and enjoying one of our most popular features.

Not a Member yet? Join now to unlock these travel Stories and so much more, from captivating live events to exclusive video tours and behind the scenes content. 

Now is especially a great time to join the France Today Membership as we have an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime prize for you to win: a trip to Paris for two, worth over 20,000$ 

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