Book Reviews: Un jour à Vaux le Vicomte

Book Reviews: Un jour à Vaux le Vicomte

Vaux-le-Vicomte, the resplendent castle built by Louis XIV’s superintendent of finances, Nicolas Fouquet, in the Seine-et-Marne département directly to the east and south east of Paris, is one of our favourite French châteaux for a day trip, such is its sheer grandeur and scale (not to mention its proximity to, and consequently easy access from, the capital).

So this expertly compiled guide, with text by various family members and estate managers, is just the ticket to sate our grande maison appetite until our next visit.

Un jour à Vaux le Vicomte

Un jour à Vaux le Vicomte

The beautifully presented, narrow volume, takes us on a journey through time, wherein we learn of Fouquet’s ambitions not just for the magnificent buildings but also for the château’s gardens. With full attention to detail, the text and archive images of every nook and cranny, each exquisite item of furniture and all the paintings, really bring this awe-inspiring grande dame of the French aristocracy to life.

Un jour à Vaux le Vicomte. By Alexandre, Ascanio & Jean-Charles de Vogüé. Published by Flammarion. List price is $34.95.

From France Today magazine

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