Top five things to do in Brive

Top five things to do in Brive

With its rich culinary culture, picturesque gardens and robust castle, Brive boasts everything a characterful city should. We outline our top five things to see and do in Brive.

The Saint-Antoine caves

Located at the top of the city, the Saint-Antoine caves are a secret haven of peace. As well as the nearby monastery pilgrimage site, there is also a pleasant wooded park offering an idyllic refuge where you can read a book, have a rest or take a walk. Along the pathway, the site’s history unveils itself alongside the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Bovetti chocolate museum

Good news for chocolate lovers: in the Brive area, chocolate is given pride of place in its own museum named the Musée du chocolat Bovetti. Situated in the neighbouring town of Terrasson, the museum deliciously discloses the secrets of artisan chocolate making from its cocoa bean origins to chocolate bars and spreads. It’s impossible to leave without a sample of your favourite variety of Bovetti chocolate!

Colette’s gardens

Discover the world of the French writer Colette in these six gardens, which cover five hectares of grounds. This large green oasis is inspired by the literary passion and personality of one of the 20th century’s most famous wordsmiths. Next to the gardens, each of which has been given a poetic name such as La roseraie or Colette en ‘Claudine’, you’ll find a mysterious butterfly-shaped labyrinth. To round off your afternoon stroll, why not take a break in the gardens’ outdoor tea room?

The Denoix distillery

To enter the Distillerie Denoix gates in Brive is to immerse yourself in a world of traditional flavours. Since 1839, this distillery has created fabulous liqueurs out of Armagnac, walnuts and oranges. Maintaining 19th-century traditions, the distillery crafts unique takes on age-old products, such as its Violet Mustard. You can even learn some fantastic recipes from the owners of the distillery, which has remained in the same family since the start – a sure sign of quality.

The Turenne castle

Not far from Brive is a witness to the area’s Vicomté history, the Château de Turenne. This citadel build on a rock was acquired by Louis VX in 1738, changing its history of 700 years of independence from the monarchy. He transformed the guard houses into sumptuous gardens that can still be visited today. From the top of the castle’s César tower, the view is magnificent – and not too different to how it would’ve looked to the noblemen who once lived here. To experience sleeping like a king, you can even rent a room in the Turenne castle for a night.

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