Party Like It’s 1889: Ring in the New Year in Paris

Party Like It’s 1889: Ring in the New Year in Paris

Ring in the New Year – and join in the 130th birthday celebrations – at the Moulin Rouge

While Anglo-Saxons opt for good old panto, come Christmastime the French hotfoot it to the Moulin Rouge for their festive kick(line).

And on the 130th anniversary of the world’s cancan Mecca it would be a crying shame not to bag a seat at the cabaret’s all-singing, all-dancing Féerie winter spectacular.

The Moulin Rouge. Photo: D Duguet

Not convinced? The numbers speak for themselves: 60 Doriss Girls, 1,000 bedazzled costumes, 800 pairs of bespoke spangled heels, 80 musicians and… drumroll please, a record-breaking 62 splits and 720 high kicks (in 30 seconds and counting). And don’t get us started on the 15 (90-second a pop) outfit changes per dancer. Believe us, those hulking butterfly wings don’t just slip on and off!

A rhinestone-studded flight of fancy, the larger-than-life production will unfold over four tableaux, starting with ‘The Moulin Rouge today and yesterday’, a wistful jolly through cabaret’s glittering history. Clicking on its heels, ‘The Pirates’ will sweep goggle-eyed spectators off to Indonesia for an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink swashbuckling romance starring scantily-clad priestesses, a (rather enchanting) snake-haired Gorgon, and… slithering pythons. ‘The Circus’ will ramp up the sepia-tinged glam with a blaze of sequins, feathered Siamese twins and a menagerie of exotic critters, including six darling miniature horses.

The Moulin Rouge. Photo: S Bertrand

Last but by no means least, ‘The Moulin Rouge from 1900 to…’ will pay a Boogie-tastic tribute to free-spirited parisiennes across the decades, culminating in an electrifying cancan finale – and those record-breaking kicks!

Did you know?

A single French cancan costume:

• requires 200 metres of frills per petticoat…
• … and another 32 metres per pair of knickers
• weighs a hefty 5kg
• costs €5,000

To book, head to or email [email protected]

From France Today magazine

Meneuse de Revue. © Moulin Rouge/ S.Franzese

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