City-Locker: The First Automatic Left Luggage Facility in Central Paris

City-Locker: The First Automatic Left Luggage Facility in Central Paris

To the great delight of travellers visiting Paris, there is now a service that allows you to leave your bags in an automatic left luggage locker in the city centre, while you explore the museums, go shopping, or indulge in lunch or Afternoon Tea. Completely secure and easy to use, City-Locker means you can skip the hassle of carrying your bags while you’re out and about in Paris. Not only is City-Locker practical, but it’s also really speedy, meaning you can easily dart to the airport or train station after quickly picking up your bags.

This innovative concept allows you to leave your baggage at one of four left luggage sites in the center of Paris. These spaces are open to you every day and offer you unlimited access to the lockers without additional fees. You can reserve for as little as a day and as long as a week!

City-Locker is totally secure; there are cameras, alarms and tracking features, plus the codes are changed every day.

You just need to choose the date, the City-Locker space where you will leave your baggage, and the number of lockers you wish to book, before enjoying Paris freely.

City-Locker spots are located in the following areas:

Good to Know

  • Availability: Daily from 8.00am to 10.00pm
  • Duration: 1-7 days (depending on the option you choose)
  • Lockers (L: 48cm x H: 61cm x D: 85cm) can hold up to 30kg weight (one large suitcase and a small bag or two cabin baggage).
  • Only online booking (Smartphone / Tablet / Computer)
  • Receiving access code by SMS and e-mail
  • Customer can leave his/her stuff in the box selected and then retrieve whenever as long as it is during opening hours. S/he can access the locker at any time without payment, using the assigned access code.
  • Unrestricted access to the lockers
  • Hotline available 7/7

Transportation and Access to the City-Locker Locations

Subway station: Gare du Nord – Gare de l’Est (line 5, 7, 4, 2)

Bus stop: Gare de l’est / Gare du Nord (line 38, 39, 42, 43, 46, 302, 30, 31, 32, 47, 350)

Subway station: Arts et Métiers, Rambuteau, Reaumur-Sebastopol (line     3, 4, 11)

Bus stop: Arts et Métiers (line 75, 38, 39, 29, 47)

Subway station: St. Michel, Cluny la Sorbonne (line 4, 10)

Bus station: Bernardins (line 24, 87, 86, 63, 67)

Subway station: Madeleine, Opera, Hauvre-Caumartin

Contact Information

City-Locker, Tel: +33 (0)1-44-59-84-04, Email: [email protected], Website:

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