Travel Tips: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Avios

Travel Tips: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Avios

Concerned about your carbon footprint as you travel? After all, aviation counts for 2% of all human-induced carbon dioxide (C02) emissions. Why not buy and fly with companies that have strong environmental policies? Think carbon off-set projects, like planting trees to absorb the CO2 that we create.

One such company is Avios, a loyalty rewards points programme where you can also book flights. Avios works with charities, eco-projects and UN-certified carbon reduction projects to help counter the impact of travelling on the environment. You can check out a few of their policies here.

Avios turns everyday spending (like groceries and fuel) into flights and travel rewards. Avios can also be collected through the Avios Travel Rewards Programme, British Airways Executive Club and Iberia Plus, and you can combine your Avios from all these accounts.

To see how far your Airmiles will take you, use’s Avios tool. It will show you the most cost effective destinations for your points – you can even filter it by what type of holiday you fancy.

Using the tool will help you chose the best destination you can afford while doing your part for the environment with Avios’ carbon offsetting policies.

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