4 Stunning Islands to Explore in Brittany

4 Stunning Islands to Explore in Brittany

Brittany’s rugged and sometimes wild coast is dotted with beautiful islands to visit. Hop on a ferry or rent a sea kayak to explore these coastal gems.

The île de Bréhat in the Côtes d’Armor © Pierre André – cc by s.a 4.0

Situated a mile off the north coast, at the northwestern tip of the Baie de Saint-Brieuc, the Île-de-Bréhat is traffic-free, making walking and cycling a pleasure. Its two populated islands are connected by a bridge. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, there’s a Mediterranean climate, creating a profusion of colourful flowers. It’s accessed by a ten-minute trip by navette from Pointe de l’Arcouest close to Paimpol or you could hire a kayak for a round-island excursion.

Île d’Ouessant and Île-Molène
The final stop before America! Part of a chain of islands off the Pointe Saint-Mathieu, there’s a chain of lighthouses here to alert sailors to the renowned rocks. But be warned: to reach Ouessant, you must cross the Passage du Fromveur, fromveur meaning ‘large torrent’ in Breton! Ferries sail from Brest and Le Conquet.

Ile de Sein © Nicolas Job_Brittany Tourism

Île de Sein
A little over 8km off the most westerly point of mainland France, the Île de Sein’s ‘moorland’ stands at six metres above sea level, and the island is easily spotted from the Pointe du Raz in fair weather. Crossings take around an hour from Audierne.

A combination of beaches and coves welcomes visitors to the Île-de-Groix, four miles off the south coast from Lorient. Les Grands Sables is said to be the only convex beach in Europe. The west of the island, culminating in the Pointe de Pen-Men, is wilder and more remote than the east. It is accessed from Lorient by a 45-minute ferry crossing.

From France Today magazine

Lead photo credit : The echanting île d'Ouessant © Eugenie Ragot_Brittany Tourism

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