French Etiquette: At The Table

French Etiquette: At The Table

Thursday 11th July 11:00-12:00 EST

Join us for an exclusive online webinar delving into the exquisite world of French etiquette and the art of the table. Discover the secrets of French savoir-vivre, where elegance and sophistication meet in perfect harmony.

Hosted by Poppy Bouet, a certified etiquette consultant with a passion for sharing the keys to a more elegant life, this webinar promises to elevate your understanding of etiquette and refined living.

Expand your understanding of French culture as we explore the nuances of dining, social grace, and elegant art de vivre. From mastering the art of the French table to understanding the intricacies of polite conversation, this webinar is your gateway to a world of refinement and sophistication.

Whether you aspire to navigate society circles with grace or simply wish to enhance your personal growth, embrace this opportunity to learn from the best and have your questions answered.

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