Boat Bike Tours: Where to Find the Best Backgrounds for your France Pics



Boat Bike Tours: Where to Find the Best Backgrounds for your France Pics

While enjoying your holiday in France you need to keep your friends and family updated of your adventures, especially when you’re taking a cycling trip that involves spending the night aboard a comfortable ship. Otherwise, no one would believe you! Here you can read all about the ten most photogenic places along the way. All you have to do is smile and bring your camera!

The majestic Eiffel tower © Boat Bike Tours

Pleasant Paris

If you decide to visit Paris, prepare to be overwhelmed by the grandeur and beauty of this vibrant metropolis. From the world-famous Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe to the Pont Alexandre III, Palais du Luxembourg, Cathédrale Notre-Dame and La Basilique du Sacré-Coeur: there are simply too many awe-inspiring sights to mention! If you start or finish your Boat Bike Seine Valley tour here, we’re sure you’ll dazzle your family and friends.

Paris sculptures © Boat Bike Tours

Château de Fontainebleau

At the centre of 130 acres of beautifully cultivated gardens, Fontainebleau is the only royal and imperial château to have been continuously inhabited for seven centuries. With over 1500 rooms this castle provides an unparalleled view of French history and architecture. Take a look at the sumptuous ornaments of the variety of royal apartments, Napoleon III’s theatre, and its three chapels. Just pretend to belong to the entourage and smile at the camera!

History along the Canal du Loing

One of the bike routes during your 8-day Seine Valley tour starts in medieval Chateau-Landon. Make sure you pose well in front of the beautifully situated 13th-century Abbey of Saint-Séverin, which is nowadays a retirement home. Continue to the sleepy town of Ferrières with its old, but wonderfully preserved town centre, where you’ll find yet another splendid monastery in the middle of the narrow streets. Smile and… *click*!

Barrage de Coudray Montceaux © Boat Bike Tours

Bridges and canals in Montargis

The river Loing runs straight through the heart of Montargis, making it a truly photogenic location. Unfortunately, this former royal residence was destroyed by fire in the 16th century, but the charming canals are still there, decorated with lots of flowers. Nicknamed ‘Venice of the Gâtinais,’ Montargis is a real gem, with canals, bridges and houses along the waterside. All this means lots of great photo opportunities.

Auxerre in northern Burgundy © Boat Bike Tours

Beautiful Burgundy

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Burgundy wine, but the region where it’s made is stunningly beautiful. On the Auxerre-Moret Sur Loign tour, you’ll discover charming Medieval and Renaissance towns like Auxerre, Sens, and Joigny; you won’t be able to resist snapping hundreds of photos. And between the picturesque ancient towns with their lovely churches and cathedrals are equally picturesque vineyards to photograph. Make sure to bring an extra memory card for your camera!

Guests outside the Zwaantje in Chateau Thiery © Boat Bike Tours

A special Champagne route

And while we’re talking about wines, the Champagne region is lovely too. The Boat Bike Tour from Paris to Epernay includes an e-bike for every guest, so you’ll have little trouble with a few ups and downs and rougher roads. Your reward: amazing picture-worthy views of vineyards and valleys. You’ll come upon several reminders of World War I in the region, and you’ll enjoy tasting sessions of the local products: Champagne and the local brie cheeses. Since this tour starts or ends in Paris, you can also get your fix of the City of Light and capture it on camera.

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Lead photo credit : Fleur arrives in Moret-sur-Loing © Boat Bike Tours

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