Book Review: Wild Swimming France by Daniel Start

Book Review: Wild Swimming France by Daniel Start

If you’re not already thirsting for a long, cool swim amidst some of France’s most breathtaking scenery, you certainly will be after reading this book. This second edition of Wild Swimming France charts the 1,000 most spectacular waterfalls, lakes, rivers and hot springs all across France, for swimming and camping.

From the tranquil river beaches of the Ardèche and the secret canyons of the Languedoc to the shimmering aquamarine pools of Corsica, your only problem will be which to choose for your next adventure.

This guide is not just full of drop-dead gorgeous photography, it’s also bursting at the seams with practical information, from maps to where to park the car to essential safety advice. Organised by the various regions of France, it also has themed sections on châteaux and ruins, canyons and arches, family friendly spots, waterside dining and more, so you can be sure to enjoy a tailor-made experience. Dive right in!

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From France Today magazine

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