3 Favourite Airport Eateries in France

3 Favourite Airport Eateries in France

Travelling to France? Forget the sterile restaurants of yesteryear. These days the airports are offering a smorgasbord of tasty delights. After a memorable trip to the Hexagon, end things on a high note with a farewell feast at these top picks.


Located in Terminal 1 at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, Teppan belongs to Thierry Marx, the star chef at the Mandarin Oriental Paris, and serves Franco-Japanese cuisine. Don’t miss the teriyaki salmon tataki – as fun to eat as it is to say! www.teppandailymarxcuisine.fr



If you’re in Paris Orly Airport and fancy some light, veggie or gluten-free bites, swing by Cojean (Terminal 3). You’ll be dazzled with a colourful array of fruit bars, soups, salads, teas and pastries. www.cojean.fr

La Tarte Tropézienne


Flying from Nice Côte d’Azur Airport? Indulge your sweet tooth at this luxury shop in Terminal 1, which sells its signature cream-filled, sugar-sprinkled brioches, as well as savoury treats. This delicious treat was born in Saint-Tropez, and will be forever associated with the sun-kissed port by the sea. www.latartetropezienne.fr

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