Back to the Future: Super-ette

Back to the Future: Super-ette

So just what time is it on the design clock? This avant-garde timepiece design sweeps right up to 2012. From Super-ette, a young Luxembourg design company, the Jean clock is a poetic bubble of handblown glass on an aluminum base, a 21st-century wink at the heavy mechanics of 19th-century clocks that once reigned on mantelpieces under bell jars. “Each clock is accomplished with a single blow and is as unique and variable as a small moment in life,” contends its inventor, French designer Pierre Favresse, who says he named it for “a young woman whom you want to look after, but who is free and lives to her own rhythm, just like time and life.” Who said the French weren’t romantic?

Originally published in the May 2012 issue of France Today

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