New Gourmet Food Line from Versailles

New Gourmet Food Line from Versailles

Travelers to France know that the best gifts to bring home are of the gourmet variety. Tea from Mariage Frères, artisanal chocolates from Jean-Paul Hévin, macarons from Pierre Hermé… Not to mention the pretty packaged treats at Fauchon and Hédiard. (Forget the long-haul flight; some friends even stock up on buttery croissants from boulangeries where the bakers are Meilleurs Ouvriers de France.)

Now we’ve learned of a new gourmet food line that’s sure to elicit a string of effusive mercis. None other than the Palace of Versailles (yes, that royal playground) has unveiled a high-end food brand that’s supposed to reflect the tastes of Louis XIV, the monarch famous for—among other things—his garden laboratory where jardiniers experimented with horticulture to appease a hedonistic palate.

Products from the label, called Château de Versailles Epicerie Fine, include jam, soup, foie gras, pickled vegetables, candy, and chutney.

The coolest part of all: The chateau is working with the company Oh! Légumes Oubliés (“Oh! Forgotten Vegetables”) to source local and organic produce.


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