Restaurant review : Paris icon Caviar Kaspia dazzles Los Angeles

Restaurant review : Paris icon Caviar Kaspia dazzles Los Angeles

If you are a caviar lover, grab your mother of pearl spoon – your caviar wishes and champagne dreams have come true! Caviar Kaspia, the glamourous restaurant and boutique and renowned Parisian institution, recently opened its doors in Los Angeles amid the luxurious shops on Melrose Place.   

Founded in Paris in 1927, Caviar Kaspia has been an iconic brand associated with fashion and delicacy since its inception. The company’s philosophy, a “tradition of excellence in the selection of its products and in service to its customers”, influenced the rise of the “Art of Caviar” culture in France and overseas.  

outdoor dining restaurant

Dining ‘en terrasse’ under the Californian sun ©Caviar Kaspia LA

Parisian chic meets Californian chill 

Evoking its Parisian heritage and that je ne sais quoi quality of discreet sophistication, the Los Angeles maison expands upon the romance and glamour of the Kaspia name while embracing a relaxed California vibe.   

On a recent visit, I experienced the romantic open-air patio, ensconced in foliage and flowers.  Nestled away from the outside world, the restaurant offers intimate dining for sixty guests. The festive surroundings extend throughout the interior space which includes a beautiful balcony bar and private dining room that give a nod to the aesthetic of the Parisian original with the brand’s classic teal colours, while infusing California inspiration.    

Once inside, I enjoyed the unique lounge, posh yet convivial, with its custom banquette seating, cosy fireplace, vintage Murano glass finishes and gleaming Murano chandelier. In this handsomely designed space, guests can purchase caviar during the day and enjoy casual delicious bites at night.   

The operations team behind this LA outpost, serial fashion entrepreneur Sam Ben-Avraham and former Iro executive Rahav Zuta, have created a unique culinary experience. “We are making sure we are honouring Caviar Kaspia and all it signifies while inflecting a sense of its new LA home into the core. This is meant to be a casual experience for friends and family of the brand to enjoy”, said Zuta. Indeed, they have created a go-to spot, and the ideal ambience if you feel like indulging. 

luxury caviar restaurant dish

Caviar Kaspia was first founded in Paris in 1927 ©Kaviar Caspia LA

A meal of exception

I did want to indulge, and I knew exactly what to order. The restaurant offers signature dishes including the famed caviar-topped, creamy, dreamy baked potato, a sumptuous vessel for a choice of caviar ranging from royal white sturgeon to sevruga, as well as smoked salmon with blinis that melt on your tongue. My taste buds were in heaven. 

Locally sourced ingredients take the stage with a California-imbued “Little Dume” lobster salad with hearts of palm, apple and citrus dressing; Crispy Rice Trio, served with salmon, caviar and uni; and a “Not Your Momma’s Grilled Cheese”, infused with tarragon and crowned with garlic flowers, all of which are offered exclusively at Caviar Kaspia LA. 

Guests may couple these combinations of flavours and textures with Caviar Kaspia private label vodkas and various champagnes on offer at the gorgeous green marble topped bar with inlaid polished brass.   

In a city where people are seduced by trends and fads, Caviar Kaspia offers a “moment of exception” that creates a lasting impression. The harmony of the alluring atmosphere, the sumptuous tastes, and the nearly 100-year tradition of connoisseurship embroiders all the senses into one perfect experience. You will leave dreaming of those precious pearls. 


Caviar Kaspia 

8475 Melrose Place, Los Angeles 

Lead photo credit : Caviar Kaspia in Los Angeles ©KaviarCaspiaLA

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