Magellan Gin: The Original Blue Gin, Handcrafted in France

Magellan Gin: The Original Blue Gin, Handcrafted in France

Handcrafted in France at the Angeac Distillery, this ultra-premium gin is composed of 11 different botanicals, many of which were discovered by Ferdinand de Magellan himself. It was 500 years ago when the great explorer made history by sailing around the globe, his goal to open new routes for the supply of Eastern spices to European palates.

Inspired by Magellan’s travel and adventures, Magellan Gin invites you to navigate the deep blue sea in each sip and swirl. Magellan gin is distilled in small batches from 100% Capet wheat grain, together with naturally filtered water from the Gensac spring in the Cognac region.

Indigo Aviation Magellan

Indigo Aviation Magellan. © Riccardo Piazza

Botanicals are picked at their peak of ripeness and sun-dried. The gin is distilled three times using a column still, and redistilled for a fourth time using a small artisanal copper pot still, where the botanicals are infused. Then, the master distiller selects the “heart” of Magellan Gin, which is the moment when the gin reaches perfection. This fresh distillation process captures the intricate and complex flavors of the fresh botanicals. For the finishing touch, Magellan is infused with natural iris root and flower, which creates the crisp taste and beautiful blue colour.

Spice jars

Spice jars. © Magellan Gin

The result is a smooth gin, where the dominant taste of juniper is balanced by spicy tones and ending on the floral notes of the iris flower. As such, Magellan gin’s enticing aroma can be enjoyed in any classic gin cocktail.

Pot Stills in Angeac Distillery

Pot Stills in Angeac Distillery. © Magellan Gin

Offered in a slender, painted bottle, Magellan gin let you admire its one-of-a-kind colour, with screen-printed images of irises and a sailing ship from Magellan’s voyage.

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