Editor’s App Choice: Walking in Aquitaine with ItiAQUI

Editor’s App Choice: Walking in Aquitaine with ItiAQUI

This very handy app from Aquitaine’s regional tourist board may be a French language-only affair, but those who can comprehend simple phrases such as “choisir un mode de locomotion” or “afficher la carte” should be able to find their way around its splendid array of themed holiday itineraries.

For example, from the home page, you can pick a walking route according to your preferred duration or difficulty, or investigate other types of outdoor activity (such as bike rides, horse trails or boat trips). Choose by département or theme, narrowing your search each time.

Once you find your heart’s desire, the details come in the form of downloadable PDFs, Google maps and photo galleries. You can then share your final selection on social media.

ItiAQUI is available to download free from the App Store and Google Play.

From France Today magazine

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