Carnet de Voyage: “We Will Be Waiting”

Carnet de Voyage: “We Will Be Waiting”

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I announced, in 1999, that I was visiting Paris and Provence in Spring. I asked one of my 5 daughters to join me. Of course, she said yes! And that began a 20-year tradition to bring each of our children to my favourite country – France! 

My friends and family call me a “Francophile”, and I do agree! Whether I am dining in the Eiffel Tower restaurant or visiting the beautiful Place des Vosges, I am surrounded by historic beauty.   

Paris is a “walking” city. Each arrondissement has its own charm, a noted bistro and corner café. Café de Flore, Les Deux Magots & Brasserie Lipp were frequented by Paris luminaries Picasso, Hemingway, and de Beauvoir! A favourite quote from Marie Benedict’s book Her Hidden Genius, I relate to – “Every other city pales in comparison to Paris”!  

I am frequently asked “Why Paris? Why so often?” Of course, the energy and vibrance of the people, culture, history, cuisine brings me joy. A great cartoon in the New Yorker by Victoria Roberts put in it very simply: a woman carrying her packed suitcase approaches her husband and says ‘I’m going to France, I’m a different person in France’. That’s my answer. I am a different person!   

Each one of my visits have been shared with each daughter. Sitting in the box seat at the Opera house watching a ballet was a highlight for each of us. Afterward we had a beautifully presented dinner by Chef Alain Ducasse in the Eiffel Tower looking out of the windows at the City of Light. We went to the famous Shakespeare & Co bookstore and heard talks from authors. Directly across the street stands the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral – it was such a joy to attend a service and be graciously welcomed. One year, we observed Easter at Notre Dame and were moved to tears.   

As I’ve reflected on my many visits to my “home away from home” I have great anticipation on what each visit will bring me. That visit in 1999, I took the train from Paris to Provence. First stop was Avignon. Walking through the flea market to dining at a renowned café made it a memorable visit for my daughter and me. We boarded the train again past the fields of lavender to Nice. A few stops in between our ride to Nice was filled with friendly conversation with French passengers. We did enjoy a special stop in St. Tropez where we met the parents of our exchange students many years ago. Staying in their beautiful home was a unique experience. We were graciously welcomed and felt like a part of their family. The following few days was spent touring Normandy and the landing beaches. We watched a film on WWII and toured the quiet cemetery.  

I remember my eldest daughter standing in Luxembourg Gardens, surrounded by the beauty of flowers, trees, and majestic buildings and saying, “Mom, I see why you keep returning.” I’ll never forget her validation. On the last day of a visit, as I was finishing my espresso and croissant the hotel manager Monsieur Guipet came to my table and asked, “Madame Sommers what can I do for your last day at Hotel D’Abusson?”  

I smiled and said “extend my visit!”. He replied with a smile and said, “when will you be returning?”   

I replied, “very soon”.  

“Madame Sommers, we will be waiting!”  

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Lead photo credit : Place des Vosges in Paris © Jerome Labouyrie / shutterstock

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  • sandra sommers
    2023-07-29 06:09:04
    sandra sommers
    France Today has always been my magazine for the most accurate news and interesting articles on my favorite country. Paris is probably the most visited city in the world. "Every other city pales to Paris". With its historic Cathedrals, the picturesque parks and of course the culture, it is indeed my "Home away from home". Each return visit I was always welcomed with warm graciousness. The French people have an innate way to welcome it's visitors. And its felt from the moment you step into your hotel. Proud people that are eager to share their culture through sincere hospitality! Looking forward to my 2024 visit to the 'City of Light' Merci Beaucoup, Madame Sandra Sommers


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    2023-06-07 12:30:32
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    […] … Directly across the street stands the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral – it … Source link : Author : Publish date : 2023-06-07 08:20:06 Copyright for syndicated content belongs to the linked […]


    • Madame Sandra Sommers
      2023-06-19 04:58:22
      Madame Sandra Sommers
      Thank you for your comment. Notre Dame Cathedral is magnificent. Surrounded by a small park. Makes for a perfect place to sit and reflect on the history behind this grand Cathedral. Attend an enriching service, an experience you will always remember. One of the many sights that make Paris the Grand city it is .It ignites the soul! Joie de Vivre! Mon ami, Sandra