Official Coronavirus Guidance While in France

Official Coronavirus Guidance While in France

The basic precautions to minimize risk of contracting or spreading coronavirus are similar in France to those in the UK, with one important difference.

In France, the social distancing requirement is one meter, not two as in the UK. You should always maintain a one meter distance between yourself and others, or wear a mask where this is not possible.

The latest information can be viewed in English on the official French government coronavirus information website 

Covid 19 Guidance France

France’s guidance on protecting yourself and others

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  • Dave Merton
    2020-07-08 09:36:36
    Dave Merton
    Is the 14 day quarantine on arrival in France still in place as this has stopped myself from travelling up until now as my property is under renovation and not habitable at present ?


    • Vanezza Avinante
      2020-07-08 10:00:04
      Vanezza Avinante
      Quarantine French side was always voluntary anyway, so a moot point Gary. You should be fine.