Great Reasons to Shop Tax-free with ZappTax during your Holiday



Great Reasons to Shop Tax-free with ZappTax during your Holiday

Everyone likes to save money when they make their travel plans, looking for the best fares and hotel rates, but don’t forget it’s possible to save money once you get there, too, with VAT refunds. If you’re a UK resident, it’s easy to get a VAT refund – and even easier if you use the ZappTax app.

Whether you’re a gourmet who enjoys bringing home local delicacies or a culture vulture taking advantage to get some holiday shopping done, the ZappTax app helps with all your purchases. Here are a few reminders about the fastest and easiest way to get the biggest savings next time you travel:

How does it work when you’re travelling between the United Kingdom and France?

As soon as one of your invoices has been validated in the app, press the “Request tax-free form” button. Remember to enter your invoices as soon as possible, preferably no later than 2 hours before your departure. If you’re pressed for time (last minute shopping in the morning, travelling at the end of the day), let us know via email so that we can process your file as a priority! No need to print your forms, just validate them directly from your smartphone when leaving Europe (unless you are leaving the EU from a country other than the country of your purchases).

If you’re travelling by train, where should you go to validate your form?

By Eurostar: When leaving from Paris Gare du Nord (1st floor), go through check-in and security checks, access the Eurostar boarding lounge, and follow the signs for “Détaxe”. Pablo terminals are available to validate your form.

You’re taking the Eurotunnel or the boat to Calais Eurotunnel: After you have your ticket checked, follow the signs to customs, park your vehicle by the “Dickens Building” on your right. Inside you will find a “tax refund” area with PABLO validation terminals and a customs office.

By ferry from Calais: There are 6 Pablo terminals in the “tourism export” terminals.

Happy Travels!

The ZappTax application is available on the App Store and on Google Play. Check out ZappTax’s reviews on Trustpilot.

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