Tax-free Shopping This Summer

Tax-free Shopping This Summer

Take advantage of tax-free shopping this summer on all your purchases — even on those made online.

Nothing could be simpler!

Anywhere in France, Belgium, or Spain, tax refunds are easy with ZappTax. Maybe you already know the simplified mobile tax-refund process and have already downloaded the ZappTax app, which allows you to get your tax refund in only a few clicks?… Or maybe not!

You’re about to leave, your suitcases are ready…and you know you’re going to do some shopping. This is the perfect time to visit your favourite shops, stock up on cosmetic products that you can only find in Europe, and benefit from great summer sales prices on that purchase you have been coveting…

Obviously, as a non-European resident, you have the right to a tax refund! With ZappTax, getting your refund couldn’t be easier. When shopping, ask at checkout for a VAT invoice made out to ZappTax, upload it to the app, and ask for a tax-refund slip when all your purchases are complete. If you don’t have time to get to all the stores, it’s just as easy to shop tax-free online. Simple, fast, a variety of choices… There are many reasons to buy online, and ZappTax helps you get your tax refund on all your online purchases.

How can I shop tax-free online with ZappTax?

You can order your products before arriving in France, Belgium, or Spain and have them delivered in one of these countries (to your hotel, for example).

When you zero-rate your online purchases with ZappTax, you must ensure that the invoice is automatically issued by the e-merchant in the name and address of ZappTax (see details on how to proceed in our FAQ, question no. 18).

An online tax refund with ZappTax is valid on all your purchases, even food, provided that you bring them back with you when you leave! (For gourmets, refrain from immediate consumption!).

Once your invoices have been uploaded, we will send you a tax-refund slip by e-mail as well as through the app. You can follow the usual validation procedure (barcode scan, ink stamp…) at your point of exit from Europe (airport, Eurostar or Eurotunnel terminal, road border crossing…).

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How do I get the invoice?

1. There are several scenarios. The most common is the address book:

  • In your customer area on the online store, pre-register an additional address in the name of ZappTax (corresponding to the country where your purchases will be delivered).
  • When finalizing your order, choose this ZappTax address as your “billing address” (be sure to choose another address as your “delivery address” to prevent your packages from being delivered to us).
  • The invoice will be made available to you in your customer area when the items are shipped to you.

2. Alternatively, if there is no address book but you have two separate “address blocks” in the online order form.

  • The online store doesn’t allow you to pre-register addresses but provides two “address blocks” (“delivery” and “invoicing”) in the order form.
  • Enter the ZappTax address in the “billing address” block.
  • If the online store only provides a single address block, try to insert the name of ZappTax in one of the available fields.

When shopping online, to avoid printing your invoice, take a picture of it and upload it on the app, you can send us the PDF version of your invoice to [email protected] (Note: make sure you send it from the e-mail address you used to create your ZappTax account).

If you have any questions, our teams are here to support you, so don’t hesitate to contact us via the chat or by email, we are available 7/7.

Bon voyage and happy shopping!

The ZappTax application is available on the App Store and on Google Play. Check out ZappTax’s reviews on Trustpilot.

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