Bassin d’Arcachon: Insider Travel Recommendations for a Beautiful Escape

Bassin d’Arcachon: Insider Travel Recommendations for a Beautiful Escape

If you’re looking for your next seaside retreat, plan a unique long weekend in the South-West of France in the spring or the summer. The Bassin d’Arcachon is one of the most beautiful regions in France, located just a few kilometres away from Bordeaux.

This region is a perfect mix of the earthy traditions of the Landes region and the seaside joys of the Atlantic coast of France. It has a special atmosphere with stunning landscapes and culinary traditions – so beautiful it will take your breath away! This is certainly the perfect destination if you are a food and nature lover.

Discover Escape and co.’s insider tips below:

Firstly, there are two sides to the Bassin: the Pyla side and the Cap Ferret side. Both are stunning and offer different wonders.

For spectacular sunsets, head to La Corniche, just in front of the Dune du Pyla – the largest sand dune in Europe. La Corniche is a dreamy hotel and restaurant designed by Philippe Starck with one of the most beautiful views over the Bassin. Enjoy oysters and delicious seafood, an elegant swimming pool and a trendy crowd.

It is also possible to climb the Dune and even do some paragliding for the thrill-seekers amongst you!

View of the bancs from the Dune du Pyla © Escape and co.

On the same side of the Bassin, Hotel Haaitza is a great option for a stylish stay. Café Haaizta, just across the street, is one of our favourite spots for a pre-dinner drink or dinner. With a relaxed atmosphere and delicious menu, you will without a doubt have a great time.

To reach the other side of the Bassin, the Cap-Ferret, you can either drive along the coast (approximately one hour) or take a boat from Arcachon to Cap-Ferret (approximately 20 minutes, with boats leaving every hour). The last, more luxurious option is the taxi boat. Just give them a call and they will take you wherever you wish on the Bassin. However, the ultimate way to visit the Bassin has to be by pinasse, the traditional long wooden boat. You can rent a pinasse and make your way to the Cabanes Tchanquées or to the small islands (called bancs), which appear and disappear everyday with the tides. The bancs are the meeting point for many families and friends who take their boats to spend time on these little coins de paradis.  These small islands are perfect for a picnic in the sun (be careful though, the sun is very strong), for a long beach stroll or a swim in the ocean’s waves (for good swimmers). Some of these pinasses also offer a wonderful apéro – as the French say – of oysters and white wine.

The famous bancs, located in front of the Dune du Pyla © Escape and co.

For oysters and seafood, head to La Maison du Bassin, a simple and stylish small hotel located 2 minutes away from the beach. Chez Hortense is an institution towards La Pointe serving the best moules-frites since generations. Le Cap Ferret also has a wonderful market with fresh vegetables and amazing local ingredients if you fancy cooking at home.

So all that’s left is to book your tickets, tout de suite!


© Escape and co.

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