French Film Review: L’Origine du Mal

French Film Review: L’Origine du Mal

In a luxurious seaside villa, Stéphane (Laure Calamy) is getting to know her long-lost wealthy businessman father Serge (Jacques Weber), alongside his extravagant wife, a rebellious teenager, and their creepy maid.

Someone is lying, and as the suspicions and lies grow, so does the mystery in this Hitchcockian thriller. Laure Calamy is scarily excellent as grifter Stéphane. Sébastien Marnier’s agile screenplay, with its enjoyable echoes of Patricia Highsmith, takes us deeper and deeper into this entangled plot with twists and turns galore to reveal the hidden and often unexpected agendas at play.

Director: Sébastien Marnier

Starring: : Laure Calamy, Doria Tillier

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Lead photo credit : © laurent champoussin

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