Book Reviews: Grand Bordeaux Châteaux by Philippe Chaix

Book Reviews: Grand Bordeaux Châteaux by Philippe Chaix

This is a new, updated edition of wine master Philippe Chaix’s exhaustive guide to the fine wine estates of Bordeaux– their history, geography, and every notable palate-pleasing liquid ever to be bottled and sent out around the world for wine lovers everywhere.

Chaix has drenched this volume with facts guaranteed to turn any attentive reader into the greatest wine expert in any gathering- but it’s the sheer love for the subject matter, and the skill with storytelling when it comes to the great wine houses of Bordeaux, the families who have been making wine for generations and the communities which have long relied on the juice of the grape, that makes this required reading for any connoisseur.

Fully updated, with a new introduction from expert taster James Suckling, this is a beautifully designed guidebook worth seeking out (at a reasonable price) by anyone who sees wine as more than a drug for lowering inhibitions. Santé!

Grand Bordeaux Châteaux: Inside the Fine Wine Estates of France. Published by Flammarion. Highly recommended. List price 60 euros.

From France Today magazine

Grand Bordeaux Chateaux, published by Flammarion

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