Rémy Martin, the True Spirit of Cognac



Rémy Martin, the True Spirit of Cognac

In Charente, western France, Rémy Martin produces some of the finest cognacs in the world. Discover the history of this noble cognac house and book a tour of the estate! 

Founded in 1724, Maison Rémy Martin is a family-born estate set in the heart of Cognac country. Based on its long history, today, the estate specialises in cognac made of a blend of Petite and Grande Champagne vintages. Named Cognac Fine Champagne, it was officially recognised in 1938, after centuries of women and men striving for excellence and working to create the perfect cognac. The estate follows the same traditional distilling methods created years ago to produce a cognac of exceptional quality. No less than 12kg of grapes is necessary to produce one litre of the eau-de-vie! 

After successful beginnings in the 18th and 19th centuries, the 20th century and its technological progress allowed for a rapid evolution: new wine cellars and cooperages were built, the stocks were soon managed digitally and a ground-breaking partnership with winemakers was agreed on, the Alliance Fine Champagne.  

For the last 15 years, Rémy Martin strives to practice a sustainable agriculture. In 2012, the Rémy Martin estates were the first wine-producing estates in Charente to be awarded the Haute Valeur Environnementale certification given by the French Ministry of Agriculture. All of their partners are working within a sustainable framework. The estate even offers its agricultural partners training in sustainable and ecological farming practices and is constantly researching new ways to lower their impact on the environment 

Today, Rémy Martin is under the care of Baptiste Loiseau, cellar master, Laura Mornet, supplier advisor and Michel Meunier, in charge of the barrels. But throughout its history, Maison Rémy Martin tells the story of collective efforts driven by the same passion: to honour centuries of know-how and make the finest cognac in the world. 

Explore the world of Rémy Martin 

Discover Maison Rémy Martin on a visit of one of the estates, from a tour of the original historic property to learn about the art of cognac-making, to a whizz around the vast cellars aboard an electric train. Outdoor enthusiasts can also hop on a bike or enjoy a hike among the vines. And of course, tastings of Rémy Martin’s cognacs plus an exquisite lunch experience are available. You could also try your hand at cocktail-making! 

A stop by the shop will allow you to choose among the estate’s many renowned bottles, from the original VSOP vintage in its smoked glass bottle, to the luxurious XO or even the 1738 Accord Royal, created as a nod to the royal decree granted by Louis the 15th to Rémy Martin. 

For more information, visit www.remymartin.com

Lead photo credit : The new Rémy Martin distillery at the Merpins site © Rémy Martin

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