10 Reasons to Visit Baie de Morlaix



10 Reasons to Visit Baie de Morlaix

Here are 10 great reasons to spend your holidays in the Bay of Morlaix in Brittany! There are plenty to choose from but let’s talk about the key aspects that will make your stay a memorable one. A seaside fort, unique wooden houses, an island accessible on foot, an old prison open to the public, huge churches in small towns, a 100% Breton culinary experience… Let yourself be tempted by the Baie de Morlaix

Set sail to “Fort Boyard” ©Alexandre Lamoureux

1. A Famous Fort in the Sea

Château du Taureau, the Breton “Fort Boyard” can be visited (from April to October) and offers a 360° panorama of the Bay of Morlaix. Set off from Plougasnou or Carantec and enjoy a sea excursion accompanied by a visit to a stunning castle. Not to be missed under any circumstances!

Explore one-of-a-kind houses © Emmanuel Berthier

2. Unique Homes

We can affirm without blushing, the houses in Pondalez are unique in the world! Their monumental staircases, wooden walkways (or “pondalez”), make these half-timbered houses, which date from the 15th and 16th centuries, Morlaisian specialities. It should be noted that a staircase in Pondalez crossed the English Channel and is on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Cairn de Barnenez © Alexandre Lamoureux

3. Visit Cairn de Barnenez, Older than the Pyramids!

A major megalithic site, Cairn de Barnenez has dominated Morlaix Bay for 4,600 years. It has witnessed the passage of humankind for millennia. 72 metres long, it houses 11 funeral chambers and is one of the oldest megaliths in France.

Walk to an island at low tide © Alexandre Lamoureux

4. Walk to an Island

Have you ever walked to an island without a bridge?! Callot Island in Carantec offers you this experience twice a day at low tide. During the day, enjoy the soft sand beaches like silk, a walk to the northern tip of the island, brilliant views… and why not spend the night? The old school is now used as accommodation and up to 10 people can sleep there per night.

Saint Thégonnec © Alexandre Lamoureux

5. Huge Churches in Small Villages

Large architectural complexes built in the 16th century, these ecclesiastical complexes witnessed the religious fervour in the Morlaix area. A real “race” to the bell tower raged in the countryside to build the most beautiful and most richly decorated towers… You may feel tiny looking up at the results…

Walk around a prison © Alexandre Lamoureux

6. Head to Prison

Arriving in Guerlesquin, a small town with a strong character, as if carved in granite, you can’t miss the old prison. An important 17th-century building, located in the heart of the village, the prison is open to intrepid visitors… Until 1965, the prison housed the commune’s town hall — unusual, right?

Monts d’Arrée © Emmanuel Berthier

7. The Roof of Brittany

Here, mountains meet the sea. The Monts d’Arrée peak at 387 metres at Roc’h Tredudon and on clear day, there are incredible panoramas to be enjoyed. Put on your walking boots and head out for a rocky hike…

Kig Ha Harz!

8. Taste le Kig Ha Harz!

Kig ha farz is a speciality of the area! The only two points on which the Finisterians agree are the translation of its name, which literally means “meat and stuffing” and its origin: the Léon, the region west of Morlaix up to Brest. But when you ask a local to give the recipe kig ha farz, things get complicated… why not try all the versions on offer?

Sleep on Île Louët ©Alexandre Lamoureux

9. Sleep on a Desert Island

Embody the spirit of Robinson Crusoe and spend a night on an island, alone in the world, in the middle of the islets in Morlaix Bay. Want to reunite your family or a group of friends for one night? The cottage on Louët Island in Carantec welcomes up to 10 people for a memorable experience.

Walk the GR34 © Alexandre Lamoureux

10. Wander the GR34

The GR34, the famous trail in Brittany, was elected the French people’s favourite trail in 2018, in particular the section from Locquirec to Saint-Pol de Léon. Make no mistake, it’s a great walk between rocky peaks, coves, and a coastal path… always with a sea view!

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Lead photo credit : Sleep on Île Louët ©Alexandre Lamoureux

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