Keep Cool with These 5 Summer Night Activities in Tarn

Keep Cool with These 5 Summer Night Activities in Tarn

Summer days are getting hotter. What’s one way to still experience the beauty of Tarn without overheating? It’s time we embrace evenings and experience Tarn’s treasures at night. 

Take to the river 

Did you know, the beavers are most active just around sunset? Who can blame them, when this is often the most beautiful time of the day.  

Join a guided stand-up paddle tour. Gently glide along the Tarn at Trébas, a charming riverside beach resort, as the golden light reflects off the surface of the river, cooling off from a summer day’s heat. It’s the perfect way to see the cliffs, small villages and wildlife from a different perspective. As the night falls, follow the gaze of the guides, there are chances you might spot a beaver or two in their natural environment. 

Paddle-boarding at dusk © Entre2poles

The legends of Sidobre in the moonlight 

“The beast returned to its herd too late and was petrified by the first rays of the sun.” And she warns! “Be careful if you venture off the beaten track. You could well cross the path of an ill-intentioned stunted animal, typical of the Tarn forest…” 

Among the forest of chestnut, hazelnut and broom, tales of the evil comes alive as you listen to your guide tell this story as you hike through the unique mineral landscape of Europe’s largest granite massif, Le Sidobre, where giant boulders of rock surround you like angry marbles. This is a night-fall experience that is both physically and sensorily exhilarating. 

The Sidobre rocks © Miles and Love / Tarn Tourisme

A night hike and across the illuminated nocturnal bridge 

A starry bridge under the starry night. Join a guided walk in the Arnette Gorge and Montagne Noire, and cross the Mazamet Himalayan footbridge, which is now being illuminated by colourful lights. Learn the local geology and landscape, the history and heritage of the surrounding villages and nature. The night ends with a trip into an illuminated tunnel with changing light effects. A relaxing experience suitable for all ages. 

The Mazamet footbridge lit up as night falls ® Laurent Frezouls

Join a nighttime storytelling walk in Hautpoul 

Should you find yourself visiting Tarn during the “Hautpoul aux Flambeaux” festival, make sure to join the storytelling evenings where, tales of the siege of Simon de Montfort to the flight of the Cathars are told under torchlight, creating a very special medieval atmosphere as the story procession travels from the statue of the Virgin to the ruins of the castle, where you can see the illuminated Mazamet Himalayan footbridge glittering in the night.

A floating apéritif on board a flat-bottomed Gabarre boat ©Miles and Love / Tarn Tourisme

E-trott up Monts de Lacaune 

This one is for adventure lovers of all ages. Hop on an e-trott (an all-terrain electric scooter) tour up Pic du Montalet, which overlooks the Monts de Lacaune at an altitude of 1,259m, and enjoy the adrenaline through the nature trails of Lacaune. An experience particularly special at dusk as the sun slowly sets over the horizon providing the golden light that washes over the panoramic views and heightens all your senses in nature. The ride ends with a dip in the hot spring wellness areas of Lacaune for the perfect end to the evening. 

E Trott_Monts de Lacaune ©Trapanelle

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Lead photo credit : Monts de Lacaune © Pascale Walter

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