A Fun Exhibition Brings the Bayeux Tapestry to a New Dimension 



A Fun Exhibition Brings the Bayeux Tapestry to a New Dimension 

See the Bayeux tapestry like never before as Maison PIXI attempts to represent the embroidered work of art in a series of painted metal figurines, a project which is brought to light in a brand new, year-long exhibition in Normandy. 

Maison PIXI, known for its hand-painted metal figurines, following in the tradition of lead soldiers and inspired by world of comic strips, took on the challenge to represent the entirety of the Bayeux Tapestry in PIXI figurines. The project aims to represent the famous, medieval embroidery in a three-dimensional way and study its patterns and colours under a new angle.  

From May 18 2024 to May 18 2025, the TaPIXIe exhibition in Bayeux will offer an immersive tour through the history and universe of PIXI and will enable the public to view the first ten meters of this unprecedented achievement. The entire project should be completed in 2027, in time to celebrate the millennium of the birth of William of Normandy. 

The Bayeux Tapestry is a masterpiece of medieval art which gives us a priceless view over the events which lead to the 1066 Channel crossing and the ascent to the throne of England by the Duke William of Normandy. Nearly a thousand years after its creation, it remains a source of inspiration for many artists.  

“As we work towards a redesign of the museum to preserve and promote the Bayeux Tapestry, Philippe-Antoine Guénard, accompanied by his close collaborators of Maison PIXI, came to meet us as neighbours, to suggest that we join forces with another major project: that of transcribing the Bayeux Tapestry in its entirety into metal figurines. An ambitious bet that City of Bayeux wanted to enthusiastically support and the museum’s teams actively participate in,” comments Loïc Jamin, deputy mayor in charge of museums, tourism, attractivity and heritage promotion in Bayeux. 

Lead photo credit : Expo TaPIXIe de Bayeux, © Bayeux Museum

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