Read the Signs: Rue de la Lune in Paris

Read the Signs: Rue de la Lune in Paris

A lovely flânerie along a charming Parisian street

This little street carries one of the most romantic names of any street in Paris. Rue de la Lune in the second arrondissement runs from boulevard de Bonne-Nouvelle down to rue Poissonnière.

Records of its existence date back to 1648, and its name is probably down to a street sign on one of its shops. These insignia were seen around the city, serving to distinguish a commercial locale from the surrounding residences. These emblems could be a metal plate hanging from a pole, a plaster moulding or a painted image related to the line of business of the establishment within, such as a pair of scissors for a barber shop.

While we can’t really be sure, the half-moon, reminiscent of a croissant, could have been used to identify a baker. Moons were also used to signal the entrance to a cabaret, hence the expression ‘logés à l’enseigne de la lune’ (living under the sign of the moon).

Rue de la Lune used to house a former enclosure of Charles V, the convent of the Filles-Dieu, dating back to 1513 but destroyed for fear that Henri de Navarre’s troops would use the hill to set up cannons for the siege of Paris, and in 1918, during the First World War, one block was hit by a shell fired by the Grosse Bertha Howitzer cannon that terrorised Parisians.

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  •  Don Husslein
    2023-03-29 08:24:11
    Don Husslein
    Bonjour, Thank you for all the very interesting information on your Read the Signs articles. I realize they are a bit old, but not to me as I am a fairly recent subscriber to Bonjour Paris. My wife and I are planning our 3rd trip to Paris very soon for a couple of weeks and will use this information as a break from the normal touristy locations. We hope to flaneur around a bit just enjoying the city. Do you have any information about the Rue de l’Hirondelle, Rue Gît-le-Coeur, and Rue Saint-André des Arts area? We are staying at the Hotel Le Clos Notre-Dame. It’s an old area and seems it would have some interesting history..We did watch and read the Jeffery T. Iverson video and article in Bonjour Paris about the Cours Du Commerce Saint-Andre area which was very interesting but he didn’t mention much about the area I mentioned above. À bientôt, Don & Carol Husslein