Carnet de Voyage: Les Pierres de Lacoste

Carnet de Voyage: Les Pierres de Lacoste

Travel notes from the real France. Carnet de Voyage is a weekly personal travel story in France sent in by readers. If you’d like to write a story for Carnet de Voyage, head here for details on how to submit.

A poem about my time in Lacoste, Provence

Les Pierres de Lacoste

A tapestry of stone,

Texture, tone, contrast

Converging, conveying

Linear patterns, cool and warm,

Light dancing upon and between,

Rough and smooth, cut, split,



Conflict tends to connect

The intimacy of hate,

The tension of love.


Stones everywhere: above, below,


Cobblestones weaving through centuries

As generations stumble.


Defense, design, fortress, home.


Hurry up, now, it’s time, it’s time!


Stoically, the tapestry of stone

Stands still.

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Patricia Daly-Lipe was born in San Diego, California and grew up in La Jolla. She attended Vassar College (with a year at the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium) earning a B.A. degree in Philosophy. After her children were grown, she completed a Master’s degree followed by a Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities, specializing in Creative Arts and Communication. For several years, Dr. Daly taught English and writing to university students and adults, wrote for the Evening Star Newspaper in Washington, D.C., had stories published in several magazines, and had a weekly column with Beach and Bay Press Newspaper Group in San Diego, California. Patricia also spent time painting including a trip to Provence where she painted plein aire views of the lovely terrain. Patricia is the author of eleven books, each a different genre. Find out more about her writing on her website

Lead photo credit : The medieval village of Lacoste in Provence © Marina VN / shutterstock

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