On the Gourmet Trail in the Vendée

On the Gourmet Trail in the Vendée

The Vendée department on France’s western seaboard is enjoying a burgeoning reputation as a must-visit region for those keen to discover a hitherto hidden side of French gastronomic culture. Now with four Michelin-starred restaurants and an abundance of splendid produce on the menu, it’s the perfect place to take a gourmet trail.

Ferme auberge Le Moulin Migné

Ferme auberge Le Moulin Migné. Photo: S.Bourcier

Yet while it’s currently best known for the spectacular seafood landed in Atlantic ports and Noirmoutier’s new potatoes, savvy gourmands should also head inland to the lush greenery of the Bas Bocage in the Vendée Valley – here, you will experience the French countryside at its tastiest, a proud rural enclave rich in farming heritage and dotted with passionate producers.

Ferme des Couts, Vendee

Ferme des Couts. Photo: S. Bourcier

Not to be missed is the iconic mogette, a large white bean usually served on garlic-rubbed toast, slathered in butter and eaten with a nice thick slice of Vendée ham (there’s a fair in the mogette’s honour on October 16 in Les Brouzils).

chef Thierry Drapeau

chef Thierry Drapeau. Photo: S.Bourcier

Among top producers to visit is La Ferme des Coûts, a carnivore’s paradise selling ‘Label Rouge’ stews, terrines and hams made from its Charolais cattle and deer herds. And for fine dining, Thierry Drapeau is your man – he uses local ingredients to inventive effect in the idyllic, two-starred Logis de la Chabotterie.

For further details and to book tours, visit www.vendee-tourisme.co.uk

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Ferme auberge Le Moulin Migné, Vendee

Ferme auberge Le Moulin Migné. Photo: S.Bourcier

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  • Valerie Speed
    2020-09-09 22:20:27
    Valerie Speed
    Vendee is the 85th department, it is on the coast , below Nantes (44) and above La Rochelle - Charante Maritime (33) all on the coast, great sardines, Les Sables D'Olonnes has over 20 restaurant in the harbour alone, most of them with fish on the menu, and a Fabulous beach and the Vendee Globe boat rave which sets of in November every 4 yrs ,next one 2022, arriving back in the folowing February (23). I love it there.


  • Madeleine
    2016-09-28 17:19:32
    the Vendee is a department inland from the Atlantic coastal town of La Rochelle, a known town among the tourist attractions, look up the Departments of Charente, Vendee, Poitou. Wickipedia has it all. Good traveling


  • Carole
    2016-09-21 21:48:56
    I'd like to know where exactly the Vendée is. Where on the Atlantic coast? Most of us who have traveled to France know the major regions like Brittany, Normandy, Burgundy, Bordeaux, the Loire and Provence, but I assume this is a department? It would be nice if you accompanied your stories with a map showing the location.